Backup Your Data Dubai

Prevent Loss of Data with A Robust Data Backup Plan

Have you ever experienced a time when you lost a lot of essential data, or perhaps had a mini panic attack because you thought you did? Data loss is a common problem that anyone can face, which is why it is vital to have a backup strategy in place. It offers you the assurance and peace of mind of not having to lose your data. It’s wise to make data backup a part of your cyber hygiene, so that way if you happen to lose data, you know you can always recover it. Below we cover our top five reasons why you should backup your data Dubai, be it for companies or individuals.

Helps Keep A Record

Most businesses, if not many, are often asked to keep bills and records for an extended period. It is either for tax purposes or due to varied regulations. You might think that your system has you covered as it has stored all the information. But as you know, keeping just one copy is not recommended. You need to ensure that you have an off-site backup of critical information of clients, as it can save you in case something goes wrong.

Can Store Data at Any Location

If for instance your current location experiences a disastrous event, companies who open immediately after recovery may steal customers from businesses who are still processing the recovery of their old data. To avoid such issues, it is wise to have your data stored and spread across varied locations. A disaster recovery plan would prove to be quite helpful, especially in nations that face many natural calamities.

Save Your Business

If your data is lost, you will have to put double the effort in trying to fix it. Sure, this is as annoying as having to rewrite a fresh piece of content from scratch because you couldn’t save the file or as serious as rebuilding your entire client database. Given that you or your employees will be more focused on fixing this error, less attention will begiven to the core areas of your business. Some companies have to re-do it all, and very few survive during this process.

Prevent Loss of Data with A Robust Data Backup Plan

Reduce Downtime

Over 30% of companies who suffer a huge loss of data almost never reopen their business. This further causes your employees and customers to move to your competitors. In order to avoid this situation, you need to have a reliable backup system in place, as it will keep downtime to a minimum, thus preserving your data and saving time on recovering it.

Prevents Unintentional Loss of Data

As humans, we all make mistakes, some intentional while some unintentional. From accidentally opening emails with viruses out of curiosity to deleting important files by mistake, we make several errors in our day-to-day life. You can however put these fears at bay by opting for the incremental recovery. Through it, you can take multiple screenshots of everything you do before the virus enters your system, and easily recover it. Additionally, you can also recover the files that were deleted by mistake.


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