Tips to Enhance Your Kitchen Space

Tips to Enhance Your Kitchen Space

Having enough storage space is a thing of joy when you know there is enough space for you to place all your kitchen utensils, kitchen equipment, kitchen ingredients, and more in a well-organized manner, giving the kitchen that beautifully organized look you yearn for, but sometimes there is just not enough space to accomplish that look you want.
When there is not enough storage space, it could make the kitchen look really clustered, tight, and unorganized and this could make working in the kitchen very frustrating and would stop you from enjoying the pleasures of cooking, Envisage Kitchen & Tiles Trading specializes on this and knows how to make you make the best out of the space you have, that is why we want to help you get your dream kitchen with a few ways on how you could get more storage space, and work with what you’ve got.

Make Use of the Top of the Cabinets

The top of your cabinets has a lot of space that you may not even be aware of, it is perfect for items you do not use frequently, you could just arrange them up there and whenever you need them you could easily locate and bring them down for usage. You could spice things up and make it look more presentable by adding some nice baskets as a place to store your things.

Window Storage

Yes, your windows can be used as a means to store your things, although it is not a common style, you could change things up by placing a rod on by your window and hanging your pots and pans on the rod.


The walls are the best options when you are running out of space, hanging a pegboard is a more adequate way to get more space. Shelves and cabinets could be limiting something, but a pegboard is more diverse and can accommodate more different things.

The Top of the Fridge

This is one that is done by most people but they tend to just leave it a mess which makes it make the kitchen look some type of way, but organizing things nicely on top of your fridge, adding a small basket would make it look more presentable. Tuning the top of your fridge into a pantry would not only give you more space but it gives you easy access to things.

These few steps would help you really transform your kitchen. If you are considering transforming your kitchen click here to see awesome ideas on how to design, it.

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